Thursday, 23 October 2014

Cloud Nine review and hair tutorial.

Hello Bloggers, I will be guiding you on this beauty device that is super healthy and prevents your hair from damaging. I will be showing you the kit that I have purchased and what it features.
This product hair device is called Cloud Nine and this kit is called The O.
What's inside this mysterious box?
1. Heated Pod.
2. Range of different sized rollers.
3. Hair Spray and Comb.

This is the device that heats up the rollers when you place it in the middle like so, there is a switch from the back in where you can turn it on or off, when it is on it will light up like this image with the colour blue showing.
Once you have placed your chosen sized rollers they will heat up when the button is green and your rollers have turned red that means that they are ready for you to use.
The rollers that they provide comes in different sizes for you to create your desired curls on whether you would like to big or small you choose whatever your feeling.
These heated rollers are specialised and used by professionals, especially for models doing catwalks and runaway. The best thing about these is that when you pick them up to place on your hair it doesn't burn you, it is safe to touch as the heat is trapped inside by special thermal that it holds. Its also at an appropriate temperature in which it wont burn your hair drastically and make it dry.
This kit also comes with a special salon comb to part your hair and get strands along with this unique amplifying hair spray to keep your hair curls staying strong throughout the day. This also leaves your hair shiny and flawless.
I will now be talking and showing you a step by step guide on how I have curled my hair. With results of it being straight and then curled.
Firstly, you need to have brushed all your hair and then parted your hair to your parting of your choice. Mine is in the middle of course. I then take this hair clip that was like £1 from Superdrug that came in a set, I thought that this was a pretty good bargain considering I always loose or cannot find my stuff. This was a good idea for back up. You can use hair ties but I just find clips a whole lot easier when doing this.
Secondly, all you need to do is take a fairly big or small amount of strands like so and just roll them onto your hair placing it securely with a hair grip.
For long lasting results, while my hair is still in place and waiting for it to heat up and finish ready to remove. I spray it with the amplifying hair spray.

Once, you've done this your ready to remove it. Barring in mind I have left my curlers on for 30 minutes approximately as I was aiming for loose curls. For a more tighter and volume curls you would need to leave it on for longer.

Finally your good to go, having that perfect curl. Hello Flawless Hair!
These images were all taken by my mwah, using my trusty tripod, I cant help myself sometimes but I just love pulling silly faces when you take pictures, haha! Hope you have enjoyed my Cloud Nine Hair Tutorial.



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