Friday, 28 March 2014

Kiko By Milano Beauty Haul.

To those of you who are not aware of this make up brand called Kiko By Milano. They are a beauty company that sells make up from foundation, primer, blushers, lipstick, lip gloss, eye-shadow and more, at a very reasonable price. 

Velvet Blush Stick - £7.90 / Ultra Glossy stylo - £4.90 / Smart lipstick - £3.90

What I like best about there lipstick is when you apply it on your lips it blends perfectly, that last long once applied and even have that sweet smell towards it. They have different range of texture for you to select from even with colour.

The ones that I have purchased is the Smart lipstick and the Ultra glossy in rich red and two shades of pink colours. I have chosen particularly because the smart lipstick keep your lips nourished and fresh, also leaving it glossy free and the perfect matte touch, which is what I love. With some lipstick I sometimes have to add like a lip balm so that my lips wont hydrate and peel. But, with the lipstick mixture that they hold I just don't feel that I need to.

Moving on to the Ultra Glossy lipstick. I am not a fan of lip gloss as they just appear sticky and when the wind blows my hair just stick on my lips and it's just annoying, if your one of them people who is fed up of those sort of things happening to you then maybe you need to invest on purchasing this in particular as you will be left with shiny, irresistible lips, that is sticky free, and even includes SPF 15 to protect your lips, way better than the average lip gloss and lipstick you may purchase at beauty stores and this certainly worth the price. Result! 

This velvet blush stick is to die for! When I firstly saw this gorgeous coral colour I just couldn't resist. I wasn't too sure at first because I have always used a powdered blusher and use my blusher brush, but if you are going for that natural sun kissed glow. Then you should definitely keep your eyes open and look out for this. The effect is perfect because you simply roll the stick on your cheek bone structure, rub it gently in a circular motion using two fingers then you are good to go.

Regina xo


  1. Hi! You're welcome for the mention ;) and yes I'm fine... Hope you're well too! I've always wanted to buy one cosmetic from KIKO... Nice review, they seem to be good products. Thanks for sharing xx

    1. Glad to hear :) and no worries, thanks! xx

  2. They look so good! Great post honey :)
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    Lots of love XOXO

  3. hello, the April competition has started, go vote now! :)

    1. Thank you, and will get right on it :)


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