Friday, 14 March 2014

Oooh strawberry.

Body Shop: Strawberry body butter, and lip balm.
Happy Fridays beauty bloggers,

I popped into body shop and thought I would try a different scent to use as I always use the coconut body butter. And I fell in love with this sweet strawberry smell, that really excites me for summer.

 I prefer using Body Shop products because they do not test on animals, and their lotion always leave my skin soft and irresistible. Before I used to use Vaseline cocoa butter and Aloe Vera but it did not seem to adapt well on my skin.

Body Shop gives you a discount stamp every time you purchase an item or have bought and exceeded to a certain amount they will offer you a free give away to take home with you. Now for me as a customer. I give them a massive thumbs up.

There lip balms comes along different scent for you to choose. I particularly like this lip balm because it gives my lips a natural red healthy tint look and being shiny, but not too glossy, and smells divine. This is also similar to the orange Baby Lips which is a Maybeline brand and the price is almost exact.

What I like best about these products is that it affordable, good brand, and reach my satisfaction.

Regina xo


  1. I love body butter from The Body Shop <33! Good products!

  2. Love Body Shop products <3 always so nice!

    1. Me too, Body shop is just great :) xxx


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