Wednesday, 5 March 2014

March Must-haves.

1. Hollister Crystal Cove (body mist) / 2. H&M clothing brush /
 3. Loreal Elvive hair protection / 4. Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy.

March is now finally here! Now to me, this year is certainly flying by. Here is a list of four items that you need to get your hands on and a must have this month.

1. Hollister body mist, I just love the smell of Hollister every time I walk into the shop. The atmosphere of the place is just so quirky with the whole darkness scenery and amazing chandelier decorations and style. But what really lures me in the shop is that distinctive smell so powerful that you just cant resist. So I certainly had to grab one of these miraculous bottle and take it home with me. 

2. H&M clothing brush, this handy brush has a sticky roll on paper that removes all the bobbles away from your clothes, and restore your clothes feeling soft and looking new. To me when I wear jumpers and you can see them ugly bobbles on building up. Fear no more, because this is the solution. You can buy a pack of 4 from shops such a Poundland which you can already tell it is a pound for a pack of 4. But I decided to go to H&M and get this one because the brush was pink. 

3. Loreal Elvive hair protection, this goes out to everyone who use hair straighteners and curlers. I used to be a victim of being to lazy and not using hair protection spray when I use hot products on my hair. I advice you start using heat protection from my experience. This certain heat protection of course leaves my hair silky smooth and frizz free, also when I sleep at night my hair appears to be flick free and still straight like I have just straightened it. Now because my hair is super curly this is a massive thumbs up towards this product.

4. Crabtree and Evelyn have a selection of hand lotion but my favourite is the Citron. I like this particularly because it smells fresh, leaving your hand moist and prevents your hands from dryness. With some hand lotion I specifically don't like to use it because the feel is either to oily on my hands and leaves my hand sweating away. But this in particular is the one to look out for, worth the price that I have paid and last extra long.

That's all for now my lovelies, hope you have had an epic pancake day yesterday!

Leave a comment on what you think about these products, would love to know your opinions.

Regina xo


  1. I go though so many Clothing Brushes, they make your clothes look so fresh before you leave the house. I also love the smell of Hollister, but a cheap alternative is the Boots Body Sprays, they smell great.


    1. Haha yeah I agree with the clothing brushes lol, and I haven't really tried out boots brand, I've never really seen them in there, might have to hunt for that next time I pop down there xx

  2. Nice review! Would love to try the Hollister product! xx

    1. Thanks, and yeah they smell really good, would much prefer the actual perfume that they have though xx


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