About me

My name is Regina Coxen, I'm 20, UK fashion & beauty blogger.
 I am make up obsessed, being a clothes hoarder is my biggest weakness. I have decided to call my blog Le tropical chic as I am mixed with three different backgrounds mainly oriental that is. I was born in a country called the Philippines which is what I am half of and we are famous for having 1,100 islands. This is where it gave me an idea to call my blog name as that. 

This blog will contain a lot fashion styling of my own and what I am loving this season as well as experiencing new products and what works best for me, with a lot of ramblings.

Much Love,
Regina x

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Hope you enjoy reading my blog posts. Love looking at all your comments and knowing your opinions. For further information on any requests that you are after. Email me on: regina.95@live.co.uk