Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Cath Kidston Haul.

Hello bloggers, this blog post will contain a haul of what I have purchased whilst I was shopping at Cath Kidston.
The images your going to see are the specific bags that I particularly love out of there whole collection. I guess some of you may think I went tiny bit of overboard but hey!. A girl can never have too many bags right?.
I just love all of this summery and floral prints I think it fits well with the season, easy to match your outfits with and of course very spacious and easy access which is what I love. And for an extra security it also features a button a button inside to close you bag together than having it wide open for the world to see.
These type of bags are perfect for travelling, picnic or even on the beach by the material it features. For example if you spill a drink on your bag you can easily wipe it.
I think my absolute favourite out of the 4 bags I have purchased are the strawberry print. Which one is yours?

Below you will see a cross body bag which is basically a bag but for kids, however I thought that it was super cute and this just had to come with me.
The adjustable straps fitted perfectly on my shoulder to just wear almost like a satchel style.
In my point of view if they have made an adults version of this bag with the same style it would be absolutely popular. And even though that this bag is for kids I doubt that many of you would even notice from a far.
Regina xo

Monday, 21 July 2014

Secret Garden.

Happy Monday's blogger fans!
Hope you are all well? And have been enjoying this beautiful sunshine. For today's outfit details I thought I would dress simple and angelic wearing this light blue dress with tiny cut outs and feature a delicate cream lace trim on the top half.
What I like best about this outfit is that the dress is fun and also playful. Perfect for a picnic day or to explore and enjoy the sunshine. Can you believe that this dress was only £15 from H&M?
I partnered the dress with a clear jelly shoes that has a hint of blue and also sparkles. A pink satchel bag is also perfect to play around with the two main colours and is amazing together.
Just in case it got a little chilly or slightly breezy I prepared myself by bringing a white cardigan that also has tiny little cut out details which is also dainty and is just too cute.

Dress - H&M / Satchel Pink Bag - Primark / Jelly Shoes - Factorie
Cardigan - Vintage Shop (Shown at the very bottom of the page)

Regina xo

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pretty In Pink.

So for today's outfit the weather is looking lovely and decided to wear something that involves my favourite colour, which is of course,  pink and pastel colours.
This wonderful tea dress from Primark was purchased 2 months ago and finally found a perfect bag and shoes to match.
What I like best about this dress is that it is very girly and the print is amazing. For the price on what I have paid for was also reasonable and worth my money as the material is in good quality and is perfectly stitched.
When it comes to tea dresses I often find them being drastically huge even in my size, however with this one in particular the shape and its fitting is loose but not too baggy around my waist.
Moving on to my bag. I am wearing a summery pastel satchel by Henry Holland. I am a big fan of his collection in bags and nail accessories which is certainly on trend.
I just love the mixture of colours on this bag and also its size as it is very spacious. It's removable holdall is very handy too as you can wear it as a shoulder bag or just a simple hand carry.
This glistening hologram shoes is my pride and joy as I just love it wearing them when the sun is shining as they just simply sparkle and shine in the sun.
You can always mix up your look with these shoes in particular too by wearing a frilly socks for a more retro touch.

Dress - Primark / Satchel - Henry Holland / Sandals - Ebay.







Regina xo

Monday, 14 July 2014

Eco friendly.

Felt rather green in today's outfit. I fell in love with this gorgeous skater dress from H&M which was under £10.
I'm not a very big fan off the colour green but somehow fell in love with this beauty.
It also reminded me off the Motel Rocks palm prints that they have going on so seeing this at a lower cost I couldn't complain and was certainly happy.
I styled up this skater dress by wearing a very thin see through top from Misselfridge. This was a very last minute plan on deciding to wear a top underneath but I just thought that it was something different and yet it simply worked out great with the whole combination.
These lovely Topshop slip on shoes that features a radical snakeskin effect works well and is suitable for this attire that I was aiming for which is casual
Finishing off this look, I wore my special Ebay sunglasses with a flip top clear shades which was under £5.
Now if you ask me, instead of going to your local high street ordering sunglasses that are like £10 - £16 and over.
It's simply not worth it, as you could just go online and they will have thousands of sunglasses practically the same or even better than the ones in the shop store.
The only annoying thing about it is waiting for it's arrival. In which many of you has probably have had that situation and can relate to what I'm talking about.
Other than that, I hope that you are all well? And if you ever fancy asking me questions or requests then feel free on leaving me comments below.
If you are wanting a quicker and faster reply then message me on my Twitter & Email account.
Don't forget to check out my Instagram for constant fashion and beauty updates that have not been posted on my blog.

Skater Dress - H&M / Top - Misselfridge / Shoes - Topshop
Sunglasses - Ebay / Casio Watch - Argos.






Regina xo

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Ripped Denim Day.

This outfit is all about embracing the ripped denim. What better way than styling your outfit with this gorgeous high waisted shorts from Topshop, wearing an oversized buckle belt that is vintage.
With your hair mix it up a little. I thought I would try out by using one of my very old scarves that I have purchased from a holiday market and made a pretty cute bow and wrapped it on my head as part of accessories.
This adorable peasant off the shoulder top gives it a straight cutting edge and also girly with the wonderful frills it features.
A nautical bag matched my scarves by its colours of red, blue and cream. I love the quilted shiny finish and so as it's textures. Also, the gold plated handle gives it that elegant touch.
For shoes I just stuck wearing my all time favourite sandals that I also have in white. Which is perfect for Summer, and one of my bargain buys from Primark.
Scarf - Market / Top - H&M / Bag - River Island
Vintage Belt - Camden Belt Man / Ripped High Waisted - Topshop
Sandals - Primark.
Regina xo

Friday, 4 July 2014

Holographic Obsession.

This summer I am trending on floral festive headbands and hologram. I love holograms as they are funky and very summery to wear which certainly captures anyone's attention with a blink of an eye. So get trending!.
I will now show you how I have styled my hologram obsession. But of course styling my outfit to a more comfortable and causal wear which is always best.
A spaghetti crop top is ideal to wear with denim shorts and is available in all different colours depending on what you fancy.
Instead of wearing normal denim shorts, why not try wearing high waisted it will emphasise the length of your leg and give you an illusion of being taller.
You can simply wear flowers as part of your accessories if you feel to bare or a chunky statement necklace. My choice was to go for the festive flowers and wearing a slim vintage Casio watch.
And finally for the shoes, well I guess that your going to know what I'm going to say and it is hologram.

Flower Headband - Primark / Spaghetti Crop top - Misselfridge
Denim Shorts - River Island / Casio Watch - Urban Outfitters
Holographic Bag - Henry Holland / Holographic Sandals - Ebay.



Regina xo


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Poppy Daisy

Hello Bloggers, hope you are all well?
I am going talk to you about this gorgeous flower crown from Poppy Daisy. They sell unique and great quality floral garland perfect for Summer and Festival.
I have styled my hair in soft loose curls to produce an angelic style alongside my make up which is all suttle and at a minimum.
What I like best about Poppy Daisy is that delivery are always on time, there prices are reasonable and the fact on how you can mix and match your flowers of your choice and there many collections for you to choose from and absolutely worth it.
You also get to keep a keepsake bag to place your flower garland which is very handy as it is very delicate and a perfect way to make sure that it is all nestled safely.


Regina xo