Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Cath Kidston Haul.

Hello bloggers, this blog post will contain a haul of what I have purchased whilst I was shopping at Cath Kidston.
The images your going to see are the specific bags that I particularly love out of there whole collection. I guess some of you may think I went tiny bit of overboard but hey!. A girl can never have too many bags right?.
I just love all of this summery and floral prints I think it fits well with the season, easy to match your outfits with and of course very spacious and easy access which is what I love. And for an extra security it also features a button a button inside to close you bag together than having it wide open for the world to see.
These type of bags are perfect for travelling, picnic or even on the beach by the material it features. For example if you spill a drink on your bag you can easily wipe it.
I think my absolute favourite out of the 4 bags I have purchased are the strawberry print. Which one is yours?

Below you will see a cross body bag which is basically a bag but for kids, however I thought that it was super cute and this just had to come with me.
The adjustable straps fitted perfectly on my shoulder to just wear almost like a satchel style.
In my point of view if they have made an adults version of this bag with the same style it would be absolutely popular. And even though that this bag is for kids I doubt that many of you would even notice from a far.
Regina xo


  1. I love these bags, they're so colorful and gorgeous <3

    1. I know right, I absolutely love them 💕


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