Monday, 14 July 2014

Eco friendly.

Felt rather green in today's outfit. I fell in love with this gorgeous skater dress from H&M which was under £10.
I'm not a very big fan off the colour green but somehow fell in love with this beauty.
It also reminded me off the Motel Rocks palm prints that they have going on so seeing this at a lower cost I couldn't complain and was certainly happy.
I styled up this skater dress by wearing a very thin see through top from Misselfridge. This was a very last minute plan on deciding to wear a top underneath but I just thought that it was something different and yet it simply worked out great with the whole combination.
These lovely Topshop slip on shoes that features a radical snakeskin effect works well and is suitable for this attire that I was aiming for which is casual
Finishing off this look, I wore my special Ebay sunglasses with a flip top clear shades which was under £5.
Now if you ask me, instead of going to your local high street ordering sunglasses that are like £10 - £16 and over.
It's simply not worth it, as you could just go online and they will have thousands of sunglasses practically the same or even better than the ones in the shop store.
The only annoying thing about it is waiting for it's arrival. In which many of you has probably have had that situation and can relate to what I'm talking about.
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Skater Dress - H&M / Top - Misselfridge / Shoes - Topshop
Sunglasses - Ebay / Casio Watch - Argos.






Regina xo


  1. Super cool print. You look straight from the 90s with the tee under the strappy dress. :] // ☼

    1. That's exactly what I love about it too :)

  2. Such a pretty dress :)

  3. Love the way you layered the dress! Definitely trying that soon

    1. Thank you Anna for your lovely thoughts towards this look xx

  4. Amazing look! Nice dress. :)


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