Monday, 20 January 2014

Furry Warmth.

Fur Coat - Topshop/ Velvet turtle neck top - Primark/
Eagle necklace - Republic / Disco Pants - American Apparel /  Chelsea Boots - New look.
Feeling the Monday Blues? This should cheer you up and keep you warm this month. You'll be sure that you won't catch a cold indeed. I found places really hard to find a nice fur coat around the shops and online, however Topshop has not let me down as they have released this ultimate cream luxurious coat that is to die for. 

Completing this outfit wearing a burgundy velvet turtle neck top to add style. I never was a fan back in the days of wearing turtle necks as I thought it did not suit me personally, but now I have gradually become very fund of it.

 For my accessories I didn't want to wear a lot and just decided to wear a big necklace because I felt that if I wear or add on earrings, bracelets, rings etc. It would be jam packed and I just like keeping it simple. This necklace in particular is the Boy London sign, celebrities such as Rihanna and other models in the industry has taken on board to this trend.

 I chose to wear a bucket bag, as it is different and easy to carry around on the go perfect for shopping days, visiting a friend or going out. Saves you the hassle from carrying around a massive hand bag that might as well be a suitcase. Although most days when I'm out I do prefer to carry a bigger bag as I practically put my whole life inside my bag, so it would vary. 

Chelsea boots are my absolute favourite but I love the heal version a lot more than the flats because I like to add more height to myself. Finishing the whole outfit wearing comfy disco pants.

 Regina xo

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Vintage chic.

Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

This look will keep you looking sophisticated and extra stylish setting trends. The leather jacket adds an edge with fur attached to keep you nice and cosy for winter as it is mighty cold out these days. Wearing a blouse says it all, and a must have item for your wardrobe, as it is simple but stylish depending on the way you dress. A vintage skirt adds a statement feel making this outfit look more subtle and by adding a slim waist brown belt. A bad ass pair of Chelsea boots will certainly sweep your feet away. And what better way than to finish carrying all your everyday essentials with a gorgeous Fossil bag. Fossil is known for its authentic vintage bags. And is in my top list of must have's this season with different collections that you can choose from.

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Regina xo
Leather Jacket and fur -  H&M/  Blouse - Dorothy Perkins/ Mini Skirt - Vintage shop/  Newlook - Chelsea Boots/
Hand bag - Fossil.

New to bloggin peeps.. hey :)

Hello Everyone,
I have been such an eager beaver to start up a blog after being completely inspired by all the amazing blogs already out there. And thought to myself what better way to kick start my new year and finally take the plunge. I have an obsession with fashion and decided it's about time I had a place where I could express some of my creativity, being a clothes hoarder is my biggest weakness, whenever I walk past a shop I can't resist on treating myself. I find myself resembling the girl in the movie of confessions of a shopaholic. My blogs will mostly be used as a place to share my love for clothes, beauty, and all things pretty. 

Hope you enjoy!
Regina xo