Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Festive festival trend.

Festival season is coming up and I thought I would do my very own outfit post on what I would wear to a festival.
Main key outfit is to be wearing wellies as it is suitable for any type of weather and perfect to get all dirty. Instead of choosing your everyday green and black coloured wellies like the boring old farmers style it up wearing some funky colours.
Everybody claims of having Hunter wellies to be the best of the best as the quality is superb and fits your thighs perfectly without it being baggy. Well, I have a better solution for you all that would also save you money.
I am wearing exact same feature of the Hunter wellies but this is by a British company named Joules. They provided all sorts of collection for you to choose from so why not check it out to those of you who is not familiar with this brand.
I decided to wear a fringed tassel dress to add a hippy vibe along with a cute girly flower crown. I also love wearing all kinds of bracelets to add as part of my jewellery, however they are nothing fancy, just your everyday friendship bracelets and holiday bracelets that you would get from the market stalls or shops like Claire's and Accessorize mainly.
My make up is simple but by wearing lipstick depending on whatever your outfit colour is I felt that it made it complete. This dazzling purple lipstick by Mac is my all time favourite.
One more thing I forgot to add towards this look to finish are sunglasses, so make sure you have yours ready.

Flower Headband & Dress - Primark / Wellies - Joules
Bracelets - Markets.
Hope this blog post has inspired you towards my festival outfit planning, and would love to know your oppinions.
Regina xo

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tropic Thunder.

Are you feeling the Tropic Thunder? Well you should get in the Palm Print trend that everyone's talking about. Start splashing some colour into your wardrobe.
 No matter what weather it is, you will always feel summery taking on board with this look.
Spice up your hair in messy detailed bun with a floral clip or a festive headband, depending on your choice.
Wearing it a chunky statement necklace for that extra glam.
 A spaghetti crop top adds an extra style compared to your normal crop tops and vests so why don't you give that a try. 
Wearing a sassy pointy heals to finish your outfit and then your good to go.
For more outfits towards this look, take a sneak peak back at my other posts on Wednesday Wants, for more palm print inspired outfits.
Hair clip - Ebay / Spaghetti top - Misselfridge / Necklace & Skirt - Primark / Heals - New Look.
Regina xo

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Laid back denim

As part of my daily outfit for today, I wanted to embrace the laid back denim look with a casual gingham jeans from Topshop that everybody is trending on matching it with this gorgeous 90s chic crop top which is simple but yet stylish in so many ways and great to match with any outfits that may you have.

This is definitely a must have for your wardrobe and true essential. So throw out all your boring vests top and invest with these cute spaghetti crops.

Wearing a choker really styles your outfit and adds that special vibe without trying too hard on what you are wearing, it is also different compared to everybody's daily look which is wearing a cute necklace.

Slip on sandals that adds an extra height and super comfy is guaranteed to have a place in my all time favourite shoe list. I was certainly surprised when I purchased these from Primark for £8.00.

A vintage leather backpack is my absolute favourite as it is spacious and bang on trend this season.

Denim Jacket Oversized - Thrifted / Spaghetti Crop Top - Misselfridge /
Velvet Choker - Ebay / Gingham Jonni Jeans -  Topshop /
Leather Backpack - Thrifted / Slip On Sandals - Primark.




Regina xo

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wednesday Wants.

Daily Look Fold Over Clutch - £35.00 / Jeffrey Campbell Freema in White Leather - £165.00 / Shari Necklace - £26.00
Topshop Pink Joni Jeans - £36.00 / Topshop Tropical Top - £12.00 / Missguided Sunglasses - £5.99
River Island Bikini Set - £28.00


How gorgeous are these clothes and accessories, absolutely fell in love the Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Topshop Jeans and River Island Bikinis. 
My favourite trend is trending on soft pretty pastels being girly and that hot summer tropical palm tree prints. 
What do you all think?
Regina xo

Monday, 19 May 2014

Fine dining at the Ritz in London.

So on Sunday I went out with my family for one my parents friends retirement. We had an eventful day having a lavishing tea at the Ritz followed by watching Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre and finished the day with a cheeky alcoholic beverages and more food!

Whilst I was there, the people at the front guest greeted us with a warm welcome, and showed us to our table, the place was outstanding that featured antique French furniture and walls all over, with sweet scent of flowers, almost like being at a grand palace.

They catered unlimited Champaign, marvellous choices of different flavoured teas to choose from, and miniature cakes and sandwiches that was absolutely delicious.

The servants treated you like royalty, I definitely did feel like a princess.

I will now talk to you about my outfit on what I wore to that special occasion.

This floral dress from Topshop was the perfect dress to wear, the detail and fitting was outstanding, I fell in love on how the dress had a cage flared style at the bottom.

I am a major sucker for floral prints this season and was very happy with this purchase. I finished the outfit with a simple gold necklace that was only £4 which I personally thought was an absolute bargain and wouldn't of ever thought that it was from Primark. Partnered the whole outfit with some cute strappy pointy heals and a black boxed clutch bag for that touch of elegance.

 Floral Dress - Topshop / Necklace - Primark /
Clutch Bag - Accessorize / Heals - New Look.


Regina xo



Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sun Kissed Glow.

I will be talking to you about my face of the day tutorial.

If you follow my Instagram I always post sneaky little preview of what I will be posting on my blogger, the link is on my home page if you would like to take a quick peak.

For today I thought I would try and go a little natural and cut down wearing my make up. I was aiming for a sun kissed glow so by not wearing any eyelashes or mascara and only using a little bronzer/blusher this look was perfect.

I will now be guiding you on the products that I use.

When I wash and cleanse my face I use this brand called La Roche Posay it is a French brand Clinique and is great for people who have sensitive skin like me, the soap is foamy and it last extra long as you only need a tiny drop size on your finger and spread it evenly on your face and rub it around in a circular motion.

After that I will always use lotion to make my face extra soft and stop it from dehydrating.

Now for my make up I have always struggled finding a primer that doesn't irritate my face and luckily I managed to find Rimmel London Fix & Perfect primer. I particularly like this because it keeps my face extra soft and moist I also feel that it tends to make my make up last very long without reapplying it.

Foundation time, many people find it hard to find the correct foundation for their face. Well I use L'Oreal Lumi Magique. The colour matches my skin perfect and blends perfectly well leaving my face flawless. L'Oreal Products are my favourite so I do highly recommend you give this little bottle a try out.

After that is knowing which brush to use. Now for my bronzer I will use an angle brush like so on the image that I have taken and for the blusher just a normal blusher brush. With the angle brush it tends to bring out my cheekbones and make a dramatic change than using a normal brush in my own opinion. For the bronzer and blusher I either use Max Factor or Seventeen.

I have purchased this new lipstick and the colour is just to die for, this gorgeous orange lipstick from Revlon is brilliant, as it features a matte finish, and long lasting effect. When it comes to lipstick I always feel that once it is applied on your face your ready to go.


Regina xo

Monday, 12 May 2014

Secrets to lavishing soft soft skin.

Good Evening Bloggers,

First of all I would just like to say that my blog was formerly called Regina Rose.

However, I decided to re design my blog and let it feature a more quirky and up beat atmosphere, that involves an easy layout for you to access.

I attempted to design my blog professionally and I hope you find my posts interesting and something that would appeal to each and everyone of you. My blog is NOW called Love to style xo.

Most of my social media account such as Instagram, Facebook & Twitter is finally the same url. Which would make it easier for you all to follow and check it out.

Now, I will talk to you about my favourite product this month. I am a massive fun of all Body Shop products that they produce.

Moringa, Body Butter - £13.00
They hold a mixture of scent that is all heavenly sweet. But I thought I would try this scent  in particular. Which is called "Moringa".

I absolutely love this specially for this spring season because it smells of fresh flowers, and reminds me of sitting in a beautiful grassy field whilst a light gentle breeze blow.

 It leaves my skin soft and irresistible till the next day. It has also been listed as Best Seller.

 I love body butter more than lotion because with lotion I don't feel that it satisfies me a lot as it only leaves my skin soft for a few hours.

 Body Shop products are also highly recommended to test against animals.
For exfoliating I have tried other products from beauty stores, but I personally think that they do ,not stand a chance with this brand.

Moringa, Body Scrub - £12.50
 I also feel that the price they hold is reasonable as it well known branded, and worth every penny.

 The crystal beads that they have for ingredients on the exfoliating tub scrubs your body gently, leaving your skin firm and extra fresh. 
Now you know my special secret to soft skin day and night.

   Regina xo

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I would rather be in Tokyo.

To all you fashion and beauty bloggers. I thought I would take my style to a whole new level and do something crazy and fun with my hair. This cute and yet playful hairstyle certainly takes your style up a notch, it will definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd.

 Being different is always best in my eyes. A gorgeous smokey eye makes your eyes pop and add colour to your skin tone, wearing a plum lipstick shade adds colour, which emphasises your style to be daring and straight to the cutting edge.

This black crop top is simple and goes perfect with the trend that I am aiming for.

A sunflower skater skirt balance this whole look and adds a spring glow towards the whole outfit. I have also noticed that Motel Rocks has taken on board this print and found a similar design at H&M and managed to bargain this skirt off for only £8.00.

 For the shoes, I am majorly crushing on chunky slip on sandals. I had a choice of wearing a white pair or black. Personally, I thought the white pair went perfectly well with this outfit compared to the black ones.

 I thought this outfit had too much black and needed to add a bit of white, the writing on the top went superbly well and done the trick which made me realise on wearing white sandals with it.

 A gold tone necklace add style, and if you're a bit tan, then gold is a lot better on your skin than silver. However, this depends on the type of look you are going for.

A retro John Lennon sunglasses, that everybody loves, is now back in fashion. So keep an eye out for these at your local high street shops or order them online.

Sunglasses - Ebay / Necklace & Sandals - Primark /
Top and Skirt - H&M
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Each and everyone one of your support would mean a lot. Also, I would like to say a massive thank you to all my followers and anyone who enjoys reading my fashion and beauty posts.
 I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening and have a lovely day.
Regina xo