Monday, 12 May 2014

Secrets to lavishing soft soft skin.

Good Evening Bloggers,

First of all I would just like to say that my blog was formerly called Regina Rose.

However, I decided to re design my blog and let it feature a more quirky and up beat atmosphere, that involves an easy layout for you to access.

I attempted to design my blog professionally and I hope you find my posts interesting and something that would appeal to each and everyone of you. My blog is NOW called Love to style xo.

Most of my social media account such as Instagram, Facebook & Twitter is finally the same url. Which would make it easier for you all to follow and check it out.

Now, I will talk to you about my favourite product this month. I am a massive fun of all Body Shop products that they produce.

Moringa, Body Butter - £13.00
They hold a mixture of scent that is all heavenly sweet. But I thought I would try this scent  in particular. Which is called "Moringa".

I absolutely love this specially for this spring season because it smells of fresh flowers, and reminds me of sitting in a beautiful grassy field whilst a light gentle breeze blow.

 It leaves my skin soft and irresistible till the next day. It has also been listed as Best Seller.

 I love body butter more than lotion because with lotion I don't feel that it satisfies me a lot as it only leaves my skin soft for a few hours.

 Body Shop products are also highly recommended to test against animals.
For exfoliating I have tried other products from beauty stores, but I personally think that they do ,not stand a chance with this brand.

Moringa, Body Scrub - £12.50
 I also feel that the price they hold is reasonable as it well known branded, and worth every penny.

 The crystal beads that they have for ingredients on the exfoliating tub scrubs your body gently, leaving your skin firm and extra fresh. 
Now you know my special secret to soft skin day and night.

   Regina xo

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