Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sun Kissed Glow.

I will be talking to you about my face of the day tutorial.

If you follow my Instagram I always post sneaky little preview of what I will be posting on my blogger, the link is on my home page if you would like to take a quick peak.

For today I thought I would try and go a little natural and cut down wearing my make up. I was aiming for a sun kissed glow so by not wearing any eyelashes or mascara and only using a little bronzer/blusher this look was perfect.

I will now be guiding you on the products that I use.

When I wash and cleanse my face I use this brand called La Roche Posay it is a French brand Clinique and is great for people who have sensitive skin like me, the soap is foamy and it last extra long as you only need a tiny drop size on your finger and spread it evenly on your face and rub it around in a circular motion.

After that I will always use lotion to make my face extra soft and stop it from dehydrating.

Now for my make up I have always struggled finding a primer that doesn't irritate my face and luckily I managed to find Rimmel London Fix & Perfect primer. I particularly like this because it keeps my face extra soft and moist I also feel that it tends to make my make up last very long without reapplying it.

Foundation time, many people find it hard to find the correct foundation for their face. Well I use L'Oreal Lumi Magique. The colour matches my skin perfect and blends perfectly well leaving my face flawless. L'Oreal Products are my favourite so I do highly recommend you give this little bottle a try out.

After that is knowing which brush to use. Now for my bronzer I will use an angle brush like so on the image that I have taken and for the blusher just a normal blusher brush. With the angle brush it tends to bring out my cheekbones and make a dramatic change than using a normal brush in my own opinion. For the bronzer and blusher I either use Max Factor or Seventeen.

I have purchased this new lipstick and the colour is just to die for, this gorgeous orange lipstick from Revlon is brilliant, as it features a matte finish, and long lasting effect. When it comes to lipstick I always feel that once it is applied on your face your ready to go.


Regina xo


  1. I loved this post! FOTD's and make up looks are probably my favourite posts to read.. I really want to try the L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation, and I've heard that Revlon lipsticks are really great quality too.. Lovely post :) x

    Rachael |

    1. You should really try the foundation it works like a charm, and the lipstick is just amazing, thank you for the lovely comment Rachael :) xx


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