Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Max factor beauty haul deals.

Creme Puff, pressed powder -Translucent 

False lash effect mascara - Black/brown shade (waterproof)

Lipstick & Lip gloss - Mulberry shade 865

Lip gloss Color Elixir -  Polished Fuchsia shade

Nail Varnish - Raspberry blush shade 160

Hello Beauty Bloggers,

There is an exclusive limited offer over at Boots involving Max Factor products. All of the products from above were £15. I purchased the Max Factor Creme Puff pressed powder in Translucent color and the Lipstick in Mulberry 685 as my daily buys and because I have spent precisely the amount of money that I have stated I was able to grab a box of these treats which is valued over £30. Which is a massive bargain!

I have tested out the mascaras and as you can see I have been given a brown/black color. I thought that this would of affected my eye lashes and turning it lighter but luckily it appeared as black still. What I like about this mascara is that it is not clumpy by applying 2 coats of it on your eyelashes is more than enough rather than layering on top of each other. I didn't want them to be heavy or too dramatic in where people would think they are fake but considering the length of how they turned our as I was rather pleased.

As of the lip gloss, I was again exited to try it out as I haven't worn them in years and just stuck to lipstick all the time. But I love how this is glossy and doesn't feel sticky on your lips or get stuck to them on a windy day.

For the nail varnish I just love the shine and color. I also have found that it doesn't chip that easy especially when you deal with loads of paper work at work or at home. Which is yet a plus.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and have given you a little think about my thoughts with these products. I would also love to know your opinion if you have tried out any of these products.