Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I would rather be in Tokyo.

To all you fashion and beauty bloggers. I thought I would take my style to a whole new level and do something crazy and fun with my hair. This cute and yet playful hairstyle certainly takes your style up a notch, it will definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd.

 Being different is always best in my eyes. A gorgeous smokey eye makes your eyes pop and add colour to your skin tone, wearing a plum lipstick shade adds colour, which emphasises your style to be daring and straight to the cutting edge.

This black crop top is simple and goes perfect with the trend that I am aiming for.

A sunflower skater skirt balance this whole look and adds a spring glow towards the whole outfit. I have also noticed that Motel Rocks has taken on board this print and found a similar design at H&M and managed to bargain this skirt off for only £8.00.

 For the shoes, I am majorly crushing on chunky slip on sandals. I had a choice of wearing a white pair or black. Personally, I thought the white pair went perfectly well with this outfit compared to the black ones.

 I thought this outfit had too much black and needed to add a bit of white, the writing on the top went superbly well and done the trick which made me realise on wearing white sandals with it.

 A gold tone necklace add style, and if you're a bit tan, then gold is a lot better on your skin than silver. However, this depends on the type of look you are going for.

A retro John Lennon sunglasses, that everybody loves, is now back in fashion. So keep an eye out for these at your local high street shops or order them online.

Sunglasses - Ebay / Necklace & Sandals - Primark /
Top and Skirt - H&M
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