Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tiger lilly.

Hello Bloggers,
So today I have decided to re vamp my blog for you guys to look at and would love to know your opinions on what you love about it or what I can improve. I have only made a few changes and that is my header and background. I have done this and designed the layout all to myself. Also, with my blog posts I thought that it would be a lot better for my images to be enlarge so you get a better view, I will try my very best to keep it at good quality as my photos will now be taken with a professional camera.
Moving on to what I am wearing, I have a major crush on kimono's especially long one. With the season being autumn I obviously stuck with the colours and created this look. I was aiming for a tribal boho culture look by wearing a dream catcher necklace that was handmade and also mixing up my outfit with a city look by wearing ripped shorts.
Kimono - Caroline Morgan
Top - Primark
Shorts - Topshop
Necklace - Holiday store
Sandals - Primark


  1. Your layout is wonderful and you are SO gorgeous - I adore your style!

    Jade x ♡

    1. Thaaaaanks! Ive been needing to change my blog layout for a while now but haven't got round on doing so and thanks for your lovely comment :) xx

  2. Fierce shorts and necklace!

  3. Love the outfit! That necklace is so cute. I thought those sandals were River Island until I saw the description! X

    1. Thanks hun and yeah they are similar to River Island ones but the Primark ones are like ten times cheaper and I do love a bargain haha, hope your well? X

  4. Great outfit!! I love your hair xx


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