Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Joules Wellies.

Blue Glossy Wellies / Original Price £20 - Sale £10
Navy Blue Polka Dot / Original Price £37.95 - Sale £15
Wellie Socks / Original Price £24.95 - Sales £9.95
Hello bloggers :) Hope you are all well? When it comes to sale items no matter what they are. I feel the need that I need to purchase it. And for today I have brought these two Wellies from Joules that are super cute. I guess when Festivals come along I will be ready.

Joules was established by a British company. Providing outdoor clothing that are all dainty and floral. For their wellies, they carry out a selection of different designs and colours for you to choose.

I particularly like these wellies compared to the cheap ones at different stores because the fitting of the wellies around your calf claims to be a perfect fit. With most wellies they tend to be really baggy and bulky. For me it is not my cup of tea to be prancing around feeling uncomfortable walking in baggy wellies.

Joules Wellies feature rubber lining for extra strength and grip, added toe springs for more comfort when you're out and about, and also built to last.

I have also decided to buy special socks to wear for your wellies that are extra soft and warm at the sale that they are holding. But hurry quickly while stocks last for these items as I have managed to get the last pair in these designs that are my size.

Thanks for taking a sneak peak at my blog. Enjoy the rest of your day, That's all for now!

Regina xo


  1. Love the polka dot pair, roll on festival season I say x

    Lauren // What Lauren Says

    1. You got that right :) and yeah me too I think there super cute xo

  2. I have been looking for a decent pair of wellies for ages, I love the polka dot pair, so cute!


  3. those boots are totally adorable!

    1. Thanks MJ :) and yeah when I saw them on sale I couldn't resist x

  4. Hi, love your blog! I'm your newest follower on bloglovin; hope you can follow back :)


    Pam xx

    1. Thank you Pam :) will follow you back xx

  5. Beautiful post!
    What do you think about supporting each other? We could follow each other's blog via email or GFC and if you want on another socials like twitter twitter or instagram :)

    let me know on my blog
    smiles' avenue

    1. Hello Cecilia, and yes I would love too follow you back :) thank you for your comment xx


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