Wednesday, 19 February 2014

London Fashion Weekend.

Hello my beauty's, I would like to say Thank you! For following and becoming a member of my blog. Really much appreciate as I have reached over 200 followers on bloglovin, wouldn't have achieved this without your support.
 I am thankful to be attending London Fashion Weekend,  and to be given a press pass, I know it's not London Fashion Week but hey I'm not complaining, I find that this is a step forward on reaching my goals and improving my fashion& beauty blog.

I am extremely excited and yet nervous to attend all the talks, meeting new bloggers and to see the latest catwalk trends that they have to offer, also the free goodie bags. I am not too sure on what else to expect, so I will take it as it goes over the weekend!

If any of you are attending, or interested in going give me a shout and either email or contact me on the social network listed on my home page and come along say hello, have a coffee or a bite to eat. It would be amazing to meet some of you.

I will be posting an update on how my day at the event was going, latest purchase and more information about London Fashion Weekend next week.

Regina xo

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